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Tutorial: How to Convert After Effects Animations into Procreate Dreams Files

In September 2023, Procreate announced its latest app, Procreate Dreams. Procreate was first released in 2011 as a one-cost model and is only available for iPad with a separate version—Procreate Pocket—available only for iPhone. Procreate is focused on digital drawing, painting, and illustrating. It’s a raster-based drawing software that works seamlessly with the Apple Pencil.

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Image of a pretty Surface pattern collection design moodboard in peach, cream and sage green colours

10 Essential Tips for Creating Captivating Surface Pattern Design Collections

Are you  thinking about creating a surface pattern design collection? Whether you’re designing for a client or creating your own designs, I have some tips which will help you create visually striking and cohesive collections.  1. Research and Inspiration: Before you start designing, do some research and gather inspiration. Look at current trends, study color

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Unleashing Creativity with ChatGPT: Ideas for Creatives

How do you feel about AI? As the realm of technology surges forward, canny creatives are on a perpetual quest for cutting-edge tools to elevate their craft. A game-changing development in recent times is the arrival of ChatGPT-4, OpenAI’s state-of-the-art language model. This AI chatbot carries huge potential in the creative sphere, but has also

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Free Procreate 5 brushes

Free Procreate 5 Dynamic Colour Brushes

Here’s a special new free brush set to celebrate the release of Procreate 5! If you love digital painting as much as me, you’re going to really love the new features – not least of which is the new brush studio, which allows for many more tweaks and adjustments. The new Brush Studio window allows

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