Free – Batch Image Renaming Utility Program for Windows

Free download image batch renaming program

This is a new free download for batch renaming your images files on Windows. It allows you to rename multiple files at once within a selected directory, specifically for.jpg and .png files. It’s designed with a simple interface that makes it easy to add or remove prefixes and suffixes from your image filenames.

Just enter the prefix or substring (the first and last parts of the files) you want to remove, specify the new prefix or suffix you’d like to add, and let the program handle the rest. If multiple files are set to have the same name, the program will intelligently add an incremental number to each filename to keep them distinct. When the renaming operation is completed, you’ll receive a simple success message. You can also directly open the directory with your renamed files.

Here’s a real-world example of how you can use it:
Say you have a series of 200 image files from a photoshoot, named something like “photoshoot1_final_version.jpg”, “photoshoot2_final_version.jpg”, and so on. But you want to remove the redundant “_final_version” from each file and instead add a prefix with the year the photos were taken, such as “2023“. With Batch File Renamer, this is quick and simple. You just enter “_final_version” in the ‘Substring to remove’ field, and add“2023_” in the ‘New prefix’ field, and click ‘Start renaming’. The program will then rename your files to “2023_photoshoot1.jpg”, “2023_photoshoot2.jpg”, and so on. Its literally been saving me hours of work.

The .exe file in the zip is only 9.5mb, and it doesn’t need installing. Just place the file on your desktop and run it anytime you want to rename your images.

I’ll follow this up by saying that I am NOT a programmer! I can manage a bit of CSS and that’s it. ChatGPT Code Interpreter helped me create this. Any problems, feel free to let me know, but i probably cant help sorry. This is just an experiment that i wanted to share, as its working great for me.

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