Pattern Craft Pro Brushes - Procreate Brushes

Pattern Craft Pro Brushes - Procreate Brushes

Introducing the Pattern Craft Pro Brush Set for Procreate.

This collection boasts 60 hand-drawn seamless patterns, ideal for giving depth and texture into your artwork. From subtle enhancements to distinctive bold details, these brushes seamlessly elevate your designs beyond the ordinary. Complementing the pattern set, there are also 5 drawing brushes, so you dont have to reach for other sets. Each brush has been hand drawn, giving a home-crafted natural effect. Dive in and discover a easy and satusyfing way to adding rich, handcrafted textures to your art. There are 60 unique pattern brushes in the set. (You won’t find these anywhere else).By Mels Brushes – Delivering top-quality brushes for a decade and a half, with quality guaranteed.

Included in the set:

* Procreate .BRUSHSET


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