Perfect Pro Pastels - Procreate Brushes

Perfect Pro Pastels - Procreate Brushes

Here is the ‘Perfectly Pleasing Professional Pastels for Procreate’ brush set!

These brushes are easy to use and great for every artist, from beginners to pros. Paint, sketch, or doodle with brushes that feel good to use, have lovely smooth strokes and realistic results every time. The set also includes six high res bonus paper textures.

Here’s what you’ll get in the set: With 42 brushes in total, this set covers a diverse range of textures and styles:

Oil Pastels – These brushes mimic the rich and creamy consistency of real oil pastels. They blend smoothly and give your artwork a rich and vibrant, painterly feel.
Soft Pastels – For all of you who love the subtle and soft gradients of color, these brushes have a gentle touch, with opacity, resembling the look and feel of traditional soft pastels.
Chalks – Get that nostalgic classroom feel with the chalky style brushes. Perfect for rough textures and sketchy lines, they recreate the powdery residue of chalk on a blackboard.
Pencils – For sketching, shading, or outlining, thr pencil brushes are have a range of hardness levels, just like your favorite set of drawing pencils. (we all like a 2B best right?)
Paper Textures – Start off your your artwork base with these 6 overlay textures plus two built in brushes
Texture Accents – These brushes are all about the details. Add them as specks, dabs, or soft overlays to give your art a unique tactile feel.
Packed with pristine performance, these premium Procreate pastels promise passionate painters a plethora of possibilities. This peerless parcel, provides unparalleled precision for every passionate project you pursue. Plunge into a paradise of painting pleasure and pick this pack for a picture-perfect performance. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Included in the set:

* Procreate .BRUSHSET


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