Skin Portrait Painting Brushes for Procreate

Skin Portrait Painting Brushes for Procreate

19 realistic textured skin Procreate brushes

This Procreate brush set has everything you need to begin creating digital portraits and realistic skin textures, without having to reach for any other brush sets. It includes a well rounded and extremely useable range of skin textures, freckles, blemishes, pores, wrinkles, crinkles, eyelash (and even a juicy zit). It also has a sketch pencil, a perfect base layer painting brush, and a blusher and highlighter brush. There are also a couple of textured bonus blenders to avoid that ‘too smooth’ blend you get with other blending brushes.

Enjoy this carefully crafted professional quality brush set. This set has opened up a whole new style of painting for me personally, and I have been loving using it.

PS. There’s a bonus scales brush in case you fancy creating alien reptiles or whatnot 🙂

PPS. You know that slightly irritating airbrushed model on Instagram? Add some zits and wrinkles! evil laugh


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