Vintage Maximalist Seamless Patterns - Vector and Raster

Vintage Maximalist Seamless Patterns - Vector and Raster

Take a step back in time with my collection of six seamless vintage maximalist floral patterns with bohemian flair.

These patterns are a nod to the nostalgic grace that once adorned the textiles, wallpapers, and visual designs of earlier decades. Ideal for adding a dash of retro glamour to your creative projects, this collection is a treasure trove for those with an appreciation for vintage charm.

Here’s what’s included in your package…

JPG Digital Papers (12″x12″) These are ready-to-use digital papers, perfect for quick projects where you need a background with a vintage flair. Ideal for digital scrapbooking, background use in web design, or as a base for your stationery designs.

Seamless JPEG Tiles For projects that require a pattern to continue indefinitely without seams, these tiles are your go-to. They’re fantastic for website backgrounds, large-scale prints, or any application where a continuous design is crucial. You can tile these seamlessly in Photoshop or any other design software that supports tiling.

Editable Vector Files (AI and EPS) The vector files provide ultimate flexibility, allowing you to scale designs up or down without losing quality. These files are indispensable for custom projects where adjustments to colour, size, or details are needed. They work seamlessly with vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator, giving you the power to personalize patterns to fit your project perfectly.

Photoshop Pattern File (.pat) For those integrated into the Adobe ecosystem, particularly Photoshop users, this pattern file allows for straightforward application of the patterns into your projects. It’s ideal for adding vintage patterns to digital art, photo backgrounds, or any Photoshop project needing a touch of retro elegance.

These patterns are incredibly versatile, perfect for crafting distinctive stationery, eye-catching fabrics, or enhancing your digital graphics arsenal. The editable vector files mean that no matter how you choose to resize or alter these designs, they’ll retain their crisp, high-quality appearance. Utilize these exquisite patterns to imbue your designs with a sense of historical richness and visual depth. They’re ideal for designers aiming to leave a lasting impression, offering a blend of storytelling and bold aesthetic choices that are sure to captivate and inspire.

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