Wilder Pattern Collection - Vector and PNG Bundle

Wilder Pattern Collection - Vector and PNG Bundle

Introducing the ‘Wilder Pattern Collection’ – an essential library addition for adding a splash of nature-inspired textural aesthetics to your creative work. This big collection includes 24 patterns that range from the organic fluidity of waves and foliage to the structured elegance of geometric shapes. Each design will give to bring a modern yet wild, untamed edge to your designs, great for projects that need a touch of the great outdoors or a bold, graphic statement.

What you’ll get in your download:

Raster Files:
12″ Background Papers
PNG Borders
PNG Seamless Tiles
Wilder Photoshop Patterns (.pat)
Wilder Photoshop Styles (.asl)

Vector Files:
Wilder Pattern Brushes (.ai)
Wilder Pattern Swatches (.ai)
Wilder Vector Patterns (.ai and .eps)

The versatility of file types, from PNGs to Adobe and EPS formats, means easy compatibility across various software and platforms, allowing for seamless integration into your workflow. If you’re designing for web, print, apparel, or home decor, the ‘Wilder Pattern Collection’ can bring your vision to life.


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